A W A K E N I N G tranceformations

Brain wave training for peak-performance
andĀ consciousness developmentĀ using EEG
neurofeedback and guided meditation.

Have you ever had an insight 'out of the blue,' so full of clarity, that it was hard to believe you didn't see it sooner?

Can you remember being so engaged in an activity, so focused that any sense of yourself seperate from the activity dissolved, where you and the activity were one, and time flew by in 'the blink of an eye'; where you just KNEW you were 'in the zone,' ...at the top of your 'game?'

Then you have tasted the Awakened MindTM, the brain wave pattern foundational for peak-performance. At Awakening TranceformationsTM you will learn to access and sustain this state and with practice, produce it at will. The sparkling clarity, laser-like focus, and deep insight of the Awakened MindTM will empower you to effeciently accomplish your goals.

We can help you:

*Improve cognitive skills: increase focus, attention, memory
*Connect to profound inner wisdom and clarity
*Reduce stress; sleep better, stop smoking, lose weight
*Enhance creativity, intuition, insight
*Achieve greater emotional integration: improve relationships
*Take your meditation practice deeper and higher
*Empower self healing, attain peak-performance

We accomplish this by utilizing the protocol for Awakened Mind TrainingTM developed by the world's leading authority on the Mind Mirror EEG and consciousness, Anna Wise; we combine the ancient practice of meditation with the technology of EEG neurofeedback. This enables us to help you in a measurable verifiable way.

Because brain waves underly every state of consciousness you experience, as you practice the techniques for brain wave mastery, your capacity for self-direction in all areas of your life will be strengthened, making the achievement of your goals a reality. Your progress will become tangible as you see and feel the brain waves associated with difficulties, transform into the patterns of peak-performance.

We are here to offer you support, and to help you express your most authentic self by empowering you with the skills needed to tap the tremendous power of your subconscious and unconscious mind, to master the state and content therein.

If you are interested in experiencing a new, highly effective method for self healing, or resolving psycho-spiritual crisis, developing the qualities of self-mastery, or attaining peak performance in any endevour, this training will deliver.

We are sensitive to the unique needs of each individual, and provide the utmost confidentiality.

We look forward to meeting with you soon!


Grace Feldmann MSW

Certified Awakened Mind Practioner
Brain Wave Trainer

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